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Our Program

This Program was designed specifically for individuals interested in starting a business. Many of you are currently unemployed and may be collecting unemployment insurance.

You are programmers store managers, accountants, attorneys, architects, craftspeople, musicians and others.

Program Structure


In our program you willlearn and apply the basics of starting and growing a business. Before the program begins we will assess your skills and experience. The program will then be customized to meet your needs. The twelve weeks are divided into four basic topics. These are;


A. Basics · Evaluating your personal readiness to start a business · Legal and Financial Procedures for Starting a Business · Your business idea · Evaluating your idea · Creating a Company description 

B. Strategy, Markets and Risk · Defining your product or service · Understanding your market · Analyzing your competitive environment · Barriers to entry · Risks and risk management · Marketing and Sales Planning 

C. Operations · Systems for production or delivering services · Facilities and equipment needed to conduct business · Professional Services: Lawyers, Accountants, Book Keepers, Payroll Services, Banks · The back office : assuring that the business functions. 

D. Execution · Raising capital · Start up costs · Key employees · Start-up schedule · Priorities, and business goals. 



SEAP : Washington State

If  you have decided to start your own business, The Business Advisor is here to help. Our 12 week business training program called ”How to Build and Grow Any Business” can provide you with a strong business foundation and practical training.  This Program is approved by the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) as an Approved Provider. This means that once approved by Employment Security Dept., you will continue to collect unemployment benefits while you receive entrepreneurial training and business counseling during the 12 week program study, with an addition 12 weeks extension as needed. 


The Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) does not pay for class fees. You are responsible for any financial planning needed to complete the training program.


INEWS: The Business Advisor is now partnered with Calipa Partners of Seattle, WA. Calipa provdies extensive and deep financial advisement and fiund raising expertise.


NEWS: Chuck Roxin, who is also Managing Director of ZINO Business Development Services is now advising Sky River Meadery of Woodinville.

The environment for small business in general and start ups in particular is changing dramatically. Here are some trends

Going Global
New Fundings Rules

The International Organization for Standards has issued three new sets of standards to help companies comply with expectations for corporate citizenship.


- ISO 26000 is a list of best practices for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is as useful to a two person dress design shop as a large corporation.


- ISO 31000 addresses Risk Management Practices. Even a start up involved in import-export might want to take a look for help to make sure you are well protected.


- ISO 50001 is Energy Management Best Practices. As your company grows you will want to make sure you plan for, and are not just reactive to changes in energy costs.

The rules have changes for small capitalization IPO's and Crowd Funding. The time is now to get ahead of the curve, especially on crowd funding. If you have 'freinds' in the social networking sense, new sources of capital are available to you. Contact us if you need help.

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